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An erotic romance about a woman in an open marriage whose best friend has always wanted her. When she brings him into the marriage, he’s surprised to discover how into it he is, and the trio enjoys learning more and exploring themselves despite judgment from the rest of the world.

A singer gets a small break when she’s hired to manage all music-related things at a club – including performing twice a week. Things go south when someone begins stalking her, and her closest friend worries her new job might have something to do with it.

Everything she ever wanted…

Mackenzie Stewart never expected to see Jay Green again. They dated in high school and went their separate ways when college took him across the country. But somehow, some way, he’s back, and he’s dating…her roommate?

When things between her roomie and Jay go belly-up, Mac is caught in the middle, and winds up with Jay as her new lease-buddy. Not wanting to create more conflict, she makes sure he knows that romance is off-limits for the two of them.

But what happens when they grow even closer over the years, and Mac makes the choice to stand by her best friend, even when it could shatter her heart completely?

Everything she can’t have.

The original Brimstone Series story, with just a few tweaks here and there. Expect lots of steam and for things to go differently than in the Brimstone Series.

Two outsiders come together, bonding over their love for video games, growing side by side as the years go by, even if they aren’t always together throughout the struggles.

A nurse gets in over her head when she gets involved with someone who practically owns the black market. But she can’t resist him, even though she doesn’t feel entirely safe.